What is Doorman package delivery?

 Doorman is a package delivery scheduling service that allows you to get your online purchases (or anything else) delivered to your door until midnight. You choose the day and time that you want the packages delivered, and you'll never again see a failed delivery sticker, or need to lug boxes home from work.

How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be provided with your own Doorman Shipping Address to start using for anything you would normally ship to your home or office. We'll alert you when it arrives at our secure depot, and at your request we'll deliver it to your door until midnight on the same day, or any day in the future.

How much does it cost?

Doorman charges $7 per delivery (not per package).

Should I leave a tip?

Doorman drivers receive a bonus for each delivery, so tipping is not expected.

Why is this better than having the package sent directly to me?

With Doorman, you don’t have to be home during normal delivery hours to receive your packages, you don't have to send your packages to work, and you'll never have to pick up the boxes yourself from a store or locker. We deliver to your door until midnight at your request.

Will it take longer to get my packages?

No. Your packages will be available for delivery the same day they arrive at our depot.

Where does Doorman deliver?

Doorman is currently available in San Francisco, and will open in additional cities around the US soon. Sign up and we'll keep you posted!

Are my packages safe?

Yes. Your packages are shipped directly to our secure depots, and then delivered at your request by one of our friendly, background-checked, insured drivers. In the unlikely event that a package is damaged or missing during the Doorman delivery process, you will be reimbursed for the value of the package.

Are there restrictions on the types of packages I can receive?

Yes. Most normal sized packages are acceptable. However, oversized packages (over 40 lbs or 3 feet on a side) may experience a delay in delivery and an additional fee. And of course Doorman cannot deliver hazardous or illegal goods.

What if my package requires a signature?

No problem. Doorman will sign for the package and deliver it as normal.

Can I track packages using the Doorman app?

Yes. Track packages by clicking the Track button on the Packages page and adding the tracking information.

Why hasn't my package shown up in the app?

The packages get logged every day from 2pm-3pm, so if your package arrived in the morning, it will get logged soon and can be delivered tonight.

Will the Delivery Agent call when they arrive with my package?

When your package is being delivered, you will receive a text message when the Delivery Agent is on their way to you, and then a second text message when they arrive.

Where can I get more information?

Contact us at info@Doorman.it or 1-888-630-6610. We're here to help, and always happy to answer questions.